Jess (tabula_xrasa) wrote,

50 Shots is Murder.

Someone mind telling me what's wrong with this country?

It's disgusting. Four detectives against a few black men who were most likely drunk, as it was the night of this man's bachelor party. 50 shots at an unarmed, terrified young man. 50 shots. When is that EVER necessary? Ever? That's not self-defense. That is murder. One shot in the leg would have done it. And the law protects them.

It makes me afraid to live in a country where things like this can happen and the police can get away with that.

And don't even get me started on the race and class issue..

It's a tragedy. He was two days from marriage. Can you imagine losing the man you were marrying in two days? They had two children... who lost their father at the expense of a corrupt justice system.
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