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When I was in 9th grade, I wrote down my life goals for english class. These are them. I will bold any that I may have accomplished.

1. Write to write.
2. Write to publish (at least one book of poetry and one novel)
3. Teach (I did sort of teach my SAT class last semester, but that I don't know if that really counts..)
4. Maintain old friendships (so far, fortunately!)
5. Visit all 7 continents
6. Plan a way to save the world from various disasters/apocalypses (o_O; I don't know what was wrong with me at 14...)
7. Finish NaNoWriMo
8. Host a GoF reunion
9. Graduate college
10. Create and maintain a popular website
11. Read the entire collected works of Shakespeare and Madeleine L'Engle
12. Direct a movie
13. Write 1 poem a day.
14. Scuba diving
15. Skydiving
16. Visit all 50 states (except maybe Hawaii) (--haha!)
17. Read all 7 HP books (straight through)
18. Perfect telepathy
19. Explore space
20. Take one photograph a day
21. Have a daughter named Anika Virginia
22. Compose a song
23. Lean web design and computer programming
24. Translate my published book into 3 languages
25. Open my own store
26. Become familiar with more than 1/2 the words in the dictionary
27. Own ten cats and three dogs
28. Own a blue house
29. Maintain a comfortable lifestyle and give the rest of my money to charity (never become rich)
30. Read War & Peace (next semester I will!)
31. Die in the rain/while it's raining
32. Publish a book that is banned
33. Save a life.
34. Join the Peace Corps
35. Join the circus.
36. Search for a cure for cancer and AIDS.
37. Visit Kelsi in California.
38. Find out what love is.
39. Create my own language.
40. Be a hermit for half a year.
41. Start my own newspaper.
42. Ride a submarine.
43. Visit the city boat.
44. Eat a banana.
45. Go on a road trip with friends.
46. Slap someone (who deserves it!)
47. Sleep for a full day.
48. Stay up for four days straight.
49. Get addicted to coffee.
50. Recover my coffee addiction.
51. Live in a 3rd world nation.
52. Write a rap.
53. Do karaoke.
54. Make my own clock.
55. Farm, pick and cook my own food.
56. Become a world-renowned expert on something.
57. Visit the rainforest.
58. Have a huge CD collection.
59. Have a huge hat collection.

60. Make the perfect homemade apple pie.
61. Build a house.
62. Live in the city for some time.
63. Win 10 straight games of solitaire.
64. Take courses in philosophy and psychology.

I dreamed pretty big back then lmfao.. I am pretty sure I'd need to live about 500 years to accomplish all of this. But it's sweet. Nice to look back at.
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